Affordable & Professional Wedding Photography

Packages starting at only £395 When looking for your Wedding Photographer, it's always best to ensure that they know their stuff, their equipment and are always on the look-out for the perfect image.

Thankfully I have all of these qualities, and the work here proves just that, oh - i'm fully insured too.

We really do feel confident that you will consider us for your Wedding Photography requirements.

Cornish Sunset

The Image that started it all.

Fujifilm 7mp Bridge Camera, looking through the arsenic tunnel at Botallack Mines, West Cornwall.

 To think now, - shooting with professional Nikon equipment - this very image one photography that got me known as a Photographer -newspapers, news websites, BBC Spotlight TV and Cornish World Magazine, some of a list or organisations that have used my work and to help me get a well known name in the industry.

Pretty good going for a 7 mega pixel, basic bridge camera!.



I have always been fortunate to live by the Sea, my hometown is Penzance in West Cornwall, and as of 2010 I am now living in the historical City of Plymouth in West Devon.

The Photographer here at Cornish Connect Media!

Lawrie Richardson, is my name, I hope you enjoy all of the content I have put into this website, and if you have any comments, questions or concerns - please do feel free to get into contact with me.

I do a lot of Land and Seascape Photography here in the County and also when travelling down to Penzance I usually have a camera on me, the equipment used for this type of work is the exact same as used for other genres of photography including Wedding, Portraiture and Commercial work, only the best for my clients and customers.


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