CameraBag Pro

CameraBag Pro

I was using the much older version of CameraBag Pro, but because of it not being supported by OSX MoJave I had to purchase their latest version, which is basically the same, tho the original cost $9.99, the current is $49.

Its a superb product and I use it mostly for adding some light HDR effects, plus resizing and watermarking, which I might add it does very well and extremely quickly, unlike the time it takes Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to accomplish the same task.

CameraBag Pro

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

These two programmes have their uses too,  I use photoshop for editing and for product shots, ie images on products for display purposes, logo creation etc, Lightroom I use a lot for editing RAW files (digital negatives) etc.

Gone have the days of paying hundreds of pounds for products, whilst CameraBag Pro is supposedly a lifetime licence, this is the 2nd time ive had to purchase it, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop falls under the Creative Cloud Licence and im charged just £8 month for both products, with full updates and with Adobe Spark included too, which is also good for basic logo design, social media posts and light video editing.


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