My Time With Cornish World Magazine

I used to take images on behalf of Cornish World Magazine, this was at the end of the time when I were living in Penzance, Cornwall, I was sent all over the place and my images were viewed all around the World, in print and also on their website at the time. 

My Time With Cornish World Magazine

Over the year or so I was with them, I was published multiple times in the magazine (not front page), most of the time they included my website domain and my name, I used to have over 2000 followers on Facebook for my work, I guess I should have stayed with Facebook early on as now its nowhere near that, still I guess their is always a chance it may improve over time, ive never given up on my photography and never intent to either.

Cornish World Photographer Lawrie Richardson


Back then I was using very basic equipment, nothing quite like whats available today, my friend at the time was using his Nikon D700 and me whatever I could afford from the Littlewoods Catalogue, funnily enough the D700 can be had online for as little as £400, personally id stick with my Mirrorless Sony A7. 

The images speak for themselves, good enough to be sent across the World too many thousands of homes each and every month, it was a great feeling for the soul and it did my confidence the world of good, plus I was being sent all over Cornwall to take photographs on behalf of the magazine, which is still in publication today, tho was renamed to My Cornwall.

I tend not to send free images to magazines or newspaper anymore, only since I worked with my local newpaper for a week, I found out that although people get to see your work, that the company that does that for you, also has the right to sell the images you take and you get nothing from the sale at all, so all that I upload now for here and social media have been resized to 700px wide, which is enough for web use and mobile phone browsing although not good enough for large prints and website banners etc, basically if you want to use my images in full resolution you need to ask for me to send you the original file, which cant be found here on any websites that I own, they are all secured safely offline on unplugged hard drives, I will then sell you the image as a physical print, gift or digital download, which is not free, sorry. 

As always, thanks for stopping by, please feel free to ask any questions you have and I will do my very best to answer you in due course. 

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