So I went to Dartmoor This Weekend

Ive not been to Dartmoor for so long, not since getting myself a job, (I am a Support Worker for Mencap). Anyway I had the chance on the weekend to go and seized the opportunity. Here’s the images from the very short but pleasurable trip to Dartmoor.

(Edited) The Sony 24-70mm f4 is a Zeiss lens, its got a lovely Zeiss logo on the front of the lens barrel, someone once told me that Zeiss was the way forward in terms of image quality and that they are the best to go for, he has since changed his mind, I think secretly he’s a rep for Sony. Since I got rid of all my Nikon gear, I used to love the 24-70mm range, how much a 2,8 would have been ideal, I could not afford one, not even new, the Zeiss 24-70mm f4 is a £550 lens used and £750 new.

Under the trees on dartmoor

The sun was directly overhead, so I decided to shoot low, under the trees where the light would be softer.

Gorse flower on Dartmoor

The gorse was beautiful, my Grandad always told us, hen the gorse is out, its going to be a great summer, and in all fairness, it has not been at all bad this Summer.

Shooting down low

Shot low-down, at f4, wide open.


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