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Sites 4 Togs (Websites for Photographers)

If you are a budding photographer who is looking for somewhere online to call home, for your photos that is, then you have come to the right place, here at Cornish Connect, we are offering professional websites for photographers and artists alike!. 

As many of you will know, Flickr has now changed the future of the platform forever, and all users are now limited to just 1,000 images, which certainly is not all that much, now for the game changer, all of the websites we are offering include e-commerce, so you can easily accept orders and take payments online, all you will need is an active PayPal account, or you can choose to accept cheque payment instead, (totally your call), plus you don’t even need an internet connection as all the updates, we will do for you, hows that for a good deal then ? 

Want to know more ? More details are coming soon. 

All we can say, if you would be interested in being part of this gamechanger, to use the contact form below, as we are choosing a few people who we will offer this new service too for free for the first 90 days, you will receive your very own website in return, thats fully operational for free.. 

Please be sure to share this special offer on social media and to also comment below.

Need something a little more custom ? no problem. email: 

I'd love a FREE Website for 90 Days!, tell me more!.

Simply enter your details below, and we will be in touch. 

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