Why I left Nikon and went for Sony Mirrorless

Over the years I have had many different types of cameras, from many different makers, in the beginning all were DSLR, I then moved onto my first proper camera, proper as in a professional camera system with 35mm sensor etc, that was the Nikon D800: a 36 mega-pixel full-frame camera, it was a very reliable system and would cope with everything you threw at it, work wise, the one downside was the sheer weight especially when carrying an additional camera body, lenses and flash units plus everything else that would have been required for the day ahead.

I then went down the Mirrorless route, I went for Micro Four Thirds: Panasonic GH3, GH4 G9 etc, I tried them all and although I got some truly amazing images, to me I missed that big old sensor especially for low-light and portraits etc where detail is everything.

Panasonic G9 Sample
Panasonic G9 Sample Image: Saltash pier in Cornwall.

I just wasn’t enjoying photography anymore, I did not feel like a photographer at the end of the day, we are all aware that equipment is not important as its the individual him or herself thats the one in charge of capturing the image, I was getting depressed!.

Then one day, Sony had their original A7, the MK1, which is a 35mm full-frame camera on offer with kit-lens for £899 brand new, I knew then, I would not need all the toy modes and other non useful features that the newer models were offering, such as eye detection focussing etc, I just wanted to go back to full frame, so I did!.

Why I left Nikon DSLR and went for Sony Mirrorless

This is my Sony A7, I sold the 28-70mm kit lens and with the money from the previous equipment I bought this 24-70mm f4 lens on the used marketplace. 

Its a wonderful setup to work with, it provides excellent image results in both low light and portrait sessions especially landscape, I feel confident once again using a mirrorless camera, I did not with the micro four thirds equipment, but the Sony I did, whilst the A7 is not as fast in terms of turning on and operation unlike the Nikon, its so light-weight that this makes up for the difference.

So heres the list you’ve been waiting for. – Whats inside my camera bag. 

  • SONY A7 (x2)
  • SONY 24-70mm f4
  • SONY 50mm 1.8
  • SONY 85mm 1.8
  • Meike 50mm 1.7 (Manual)
  • Panasonic Lumix LX100
  • Nikon P1000



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