meet Lawrie

Multi award winning Cornish landscape photographer from Penzance in West Cornwall and currently living in Devon since 2010. 

Regular contributor to local and national newspapers, websites, magazines and stock photography websites.

Lawrie is a self taught freelance photographer currently based in Crediton – Mid Devon.

Some of his best photos have been taken using nothing more than his smartphone, of course having good equipment helps sometimes but sometimes Lawrie prefers the basics.

Lawrie is a single guy thats neurodiverse, he has mental and physical health issues but he does not let this get him down, he just smiles and tries to carry on.

You can find his latest news by taking a look at the blog page.

If you would like to ask him any questions please feel free to do so, also if you have any feedback regarding his quality and style of photography please just message him, he will appreciate it greatly.

Love the photos, me and Buster look so good together.
Tianna Darlington

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