My Hometown: Penzance in Cornwall

I grew up in the Battlefield area of Penzance and I lived in Gwavas Street, I left Pz and moved to Plymouth back in 2010.

In the beginning: I lived in Gwavas Street, which is part of the Battlefield area of Penzance, I attended Education Out Of School’s after which, I did over ten years Volunteering through Penwith Volunteer Bureau as well as Volunteering for National Coastwatch Institution which I did two years worth at NCI Watch Tower Penzance, most of which was the morning shift, starting work at 07.00 am and working throughout until B watch started at 1pm.

In 2007 I studied for my Amateur Radio Foundation Licence, I did this in the July at Poldhu Amateur Radio Club – GB2GM after passing I chose the callsign: M3UHQ – I’m not as active as I used to be, that’s mostly due to the next door neighbour who I think causes delibarate interference, that and although I have invested in RFI removing equipment it has still not helped my situation, I have sold a lot of the Amateur Radio equipment off although I do still use 2m and 70cms (V/UHF), my shack is very basic now considting of only a Yaesu FT-817ND, Yaesu VX8 and a Baofeng GT-3, plus a couple of Zastone DPMR Handhelds.